Sea Bed

Subconscious world of dreams.

Progress on Sea Bed set.

I did some work on the set last week.  I finished attaching the fabric to it, I also placed the canvas in the background. There is still few things to do but it’s really taking shape now. I made pillows and corals and even one puppet which you can see on the photo below.


Here is the latest photo of the Sea Bed set:

What I’m planning to be working on this week will be to create smoke and bubbles coming out of the volcano. I want to be able to animate them. I will have to work out how to light up the set as well. So far it looks a bit dark in places and it doesn’t look very well especially when the colours are inverted. Finally I will be creating attachments for the curtains so I can easily move them sideways. After doing all this I will test it under camera to see if anything needs improving.

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